Down an old country road…

Down an old country road...

Once home to the “Best Steakhouse Around”, O’berg’s is now just a sleepy little country Tavern. The bartender told us tales of how the local kids would come to get their candy at the bar. They still keep some candy on hand for the kids. It is now a sleepy little hide away, great for a cold High Life on a hot day. Just as always the bartender is ready, willing and able to engage in a conversation about local lore, places to visit and the status of local Taverns.

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The End of the Road…as we know it…

I am off the road for a few days and have a chance to get back to the really important things in life…Good friends, Good Times and Back Road Taverns. This past weekend we ventured down about 20 different back roads within 15 miles of my house and along the way went to a few fun little Taverns. This one is literally the end of the road. It is on a peninsula between the merging of the Rock River and Lake Koshkonong. Most of the Spring this entire slice of land in under water. This year due to less snow and Spring rains, it is up and running. The bartender, Sherry was celebrating her birthday on the day of our arrival and the bar was complete with an entire buffet of such local treasures as deviled eggs, cake, sammies and snacks. As with most little Taverns, the conversation was spirited and very welcoming. Check it out…it’s not an easy find, but worth the trip. Enjoy….

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This is how we roll…

We were fortunate enough to be invited by some close friends to their family Easter celebration. For our contribution, we provided a “Bloody Mary Tailgate” buffet…It featured Wisconsin fresh cheese curds, horseradish, blue cheese stuffed olives, sundried tomato stuffed olives, house-cured Johnsonville summer sausage and bushel basket of iced downed beers that included Rhinelander ponies. After a fantastic brunch and a few bumps it was time to go out back and shoot the guns. Life in the country is simple and fun.

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On the Bluff…


On the Bluffs outside of Prairie du Chien, WI is a little country Tavern called Daddy’s Dew Drop Inn. Its official location is Bagley, WI. My boys found this place while out hiking the trails of a state park. When I joined them, there was a poker run with about 100 bikes in the lot…Good times and cold ones were flowing…The boys love the men’s bathroom that is papered with pin-ups…Another unusual feature the crane machine that has the traditional stuffed animals, but the unique factor is an array of bachelor gag gift toys that are also in the machine. So if you are looking for a great sunset, a cold beer and an inflatable bra…check out Daddy’s Dew Drop Inn..

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A Sign of the Times

Most of the Taverns and Bars in Wisconsin belong to the Wisconsin Tavern League. This organization helps to legislate and promote Tavern owners in the state. I enjoy seeing the worn signs on buildings that once housed Taverns, but now are private residences. I often thought that it would be great to have a vacation cabin in an old Tavern. Most Taverns have some sort of apartment connected to them that would make a perfect get-away. Now that I think about it, why wait for vacation, head on down to a Tavern today.

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The Window to a Tavern’s Soul

I am fascinated by the faded imprints of logos past on Tavern windows. I also love when a Tavern is converted into residence and the owners don’t bother to change the images on the windows. They show us a glimpse into the Soul of the Tavern that once was there. This is also a great image of what a country Tavern is all about.

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Seats 64…Standing Room for 1280

          The wit and wisdom of Wisconsin Tavern owners is endless. This shot of a Tavern in Monroe, WI called Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern demonstrates that style or local wit and wisdom This Tavern is situated in the apex of cheese production in Southern Wisconsin. The Tavern offers old school sandwiches that were the foundation of Tavern menus throughout Wisconsin back in the day. Simple cheese sandwiches prepared with the finest cheeses in the world. They are one of the few Taverns or restaurants that serve a traditional Limburger sandwich. Thick slabs of aromatic Limburger produced by the Chalet Cooperative in Monroe, the last American producer of this style of cheese. The cheese is paired with a hefty slice of red onion, spicy brown mustard on rye. I personally go for the braunschweiger sandwich with red onion and mustard on rye. That and a cold beer and you are set my friend. While traveling down the road to Monroe, make sure and stop at some of the stellar micro-breweries and cheese producers within the region. I wasn’t kidding when I said that many of the cheeses produced in this region are international award-winners.

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